Fiesta de Quinceañera

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quinceañera celebration venueThere are many memorable moments in a young girl’s life; her first step, the first time she calls out her mom’s name and the proud look on her face when she attends her first day at school. As the years go by she slowly blossoms’ into a proper young lady. Before you know it, the time arrives for your beautiful Latina girl’s 15th birthday and for the coming of age celebration of her quinceañera. Saving up and planning for this special event began when she was just a young lady, so as parents and grandparents you know the importance of getting it just right. There are so many things to consider when you are planning this fiesta, and the question of where to host this wonderful event is truly one of the most important things to consider. How can you ensure that she will be treated with the most personalized attention that she deserves on her special day?

At Damenzo’s Banquet in Chicago, we understand just how important this day is, and we know what needs to be done to make it just right. Our elegant banquet hall is the premiere choice of venue for your quinceañera celebration and is guaranteed to bring joy to that special 15 year old girl. It is after all, a once in a lifetime moment in the life of a beautiful Latina girl because it’s the day that marks her transition from childhood to adulthood. The highlight of the day is found in that perfect moment when she dances with her father for the first time as a woman. This well planned and choreographed event is sure to have a memorable and lasting impression on all your friends and family.

Our Event Planners are Here to Help

To ensure the success of your daughter’s quinceañera requires a fair deal of planning; do you have your theme picked out for the day, are you forgetting anyone on the guest list, or are you searching for some inspiration? This is where our event planners can help. They will ensure that every little detail is covered. They are experts and know how to advise you on making the perfect choice of décor to match your particular theme, and will help you create the right menu for the occasion. We are dedicated to ensuring that your quinceañera celebration is a total success.

Here are just a few of the amenities that make Damenzo’s Banquet the perfect choice.

  • We can accommodate up to 150 guests.
  • Our beautiful vaulted ceiling adds an air of magic to the event.
  • Our friendly and courteous staff pays particular attention to details.
  • We plan according to your budget.

Allow our expert staff at Damenzo’s Banquet help transform your ideas into an imaginative and luxurious celebration of your daughter’s quinceañera. Contact us today for a booking.

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